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When are you really ever ready to have a child and become a parent?

I’d say never, speaking entirely from my own experience after 13 years!

That’s apart of the amazing journey about being a parent you get to learn and grow with your child.

I feel incredibly blessed to have been with my children over the years, seeing and experiencing their learning opportunities on a daily basis.

I believe that reading the book by Maggie Reigh really highlighted areas in my life where I could deeply learn about me and use that to be the best parent I could, at the time for Zane 4 & Zander almost 2.

Now fast forward till the present moment helping to organize leadership facilitation workshops with Maggie Reigh.  Encouraging the willing that are wanting to further their chosen career path in speaking to groups and deeply connecting with their audience.  It’s exciting to see how deeply seeded desire to make things happen unfolds with ease and understanding.

Parenting isn’t supposed to be easy, growing pains happen and together we are here for you offering support in bringing out the best in you and your child!



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