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wiggle wednesday poster

Fun for all ages and stages of movement ability

Here’s a quick post about what Wiggle Wednesday will offer you and your family.

I figured it was necessary to give some back ground & insight so you could make an educated decision and register for our program!

What you will gain

  • bonding time in a playful environment with your children
  • a safe place to workout and push yourself with your children
  • educational support about the electrical system
  • personal affirmations for your learning path and goals
  • wellness & healing support for your whole “being”
  • experience and learn about meditation
  • heart rate
  • collectively working out while building esteem & confidence while being playful with our children
  • interactive games, singing, drumming, humming
  • educational opportunity to increase immunity, co-ordination, brain functions, flexibility and mobility with movements
  • soul food and nourishment for the spirit

We will dance, laugh and experience the love of moving our bodies in a nurturing environment while we learn with our children.

Please be sure to bring water, yoga mat if possible and an open mind to possibilities.

I was just asked this the other day…

“Why were these classes created?”

Over the years I’ve been observing a missing link that was common both in my life and the lives of other parents.


How do I work out and fit self care into my already full day?


I started to see how I could offer a solution to multiple challenges that many parents face, including myself, when it comes to self care while doing the balancing act called parenting.

During my training I was formulating and creating ways for me to remember all that I was learning and taking in from the course loads by playing with my children, creating games, dances and movement flows.  This was helping support their learning plans and meeting educational scopes of their individual grade level, while making a deposit into my memory bank.  This gave us a win-win-win and leveled us all up in the area of self responsibility, not mention creating memory moments where we were deeply connecting & bonding.

Now I am excited and passionate about sharing with others and to help other families grow forward by becoming more aware about how our bodies are constantly taking “orders” via our thoughts.

Wiggle Wednesday’s is a brain child solution my creativity faculty called my imagination came up with.  With many months of fine tuning, blood sweat, tears and an emotional roller coaster of events… it’s ready to share with others that are ready and even searching for a unique soul to soul connecting class with their children.

Looking forward to sharing more, stay tuned!

Make it a great day & be healthy

Rochelle 🙂

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