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After a morning of teaching, I was inspired to share with you my best parenting choice.

In a world that’s loud and over stuffed with information, I’ve lost myself so many times in a state of confusion, frustration and self doubt when it comes to personal and parenting choices. 

So many times I’ve hit my own nerves, firing and wiring myself with the day to day stresses of basic living in the adult world of being a mom, let alone my children with their twanging efforts and own emotional roller coasters.

The self talk and pressures to feel good enough just being me and letting my children to just be them, grasping for air when I’m just wanting to drown and disappear.

Curious, can you relate to what I am talking about?

From the outside most would say I’m calm and have it together, boy oh boy, maybe I should look into becoming an actress.   

I am here to confess that I have faked until I made it, hiding my true self, fearing the criticism, judgment and failures… Keeping my inner struggles a secret even at times from myself until the breaking point of melting down, all because I didn’t know the inner power I held within myself. 

It wasn’t until I learned more about my own self care and acquiring some real tools for me to see and feel that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.   I discovered through muscle testing I  could get answers that were beneath my emotions, to be honest I used to think being emotional was a weakness that I was only plagued with, this was how lost I used to be.  

Then about four years ago, I stepped into my first class Touch for Health Class, little did I know my life would change forever and I’d end up becoming an instructor.  

This journey with Touch for Health has been one of the best things I have done for my parenting, I discovered tools that support my lifestyle and the parent that I know I want to be, the parent that I choose to be.  I can now assist my children in ways I never knew were possible before, I have learned how to support their immune systems, their growing pains, emotional outbursts, improve their learning & posture and all the moments that happen in the day to day living that comes our way.
28642460_10155866708702247_1484092632_ono longer have to fake it till I make it, I’ve gained insight and confidence to where I can balance those emotional states that I once pretended didn’t exist.  I know how to navigate myself and my children to a higher ground  when we feel lost.Image may contain: text  

It feel so good now to be able to share these tools from Touch for Health and I will be bold to say, these tools are the secret to the world of less stress and MORE LOVE… where others will be empowered to feel a sense of power and gain control over their results in life.

Excited to share my thoughts for today with you,
Thank you for checking out my site… be sure to check out the free video section and start experiencing a deeper level of self care.

Happy Wednesday,

Me with my daughter Zennah

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