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The other day I was teaching Touch for Health level one to another mama friend, which made me realized something very important for me to do… introduce my readers to the benefits of muscle testing.

The list I have offered here are just the ones off the top of my head, I am rushing to chase the sun for a walk this afternoon yet, knowing where I am planning to be before this 2018 year is over, it’s important that I seize the moment and share this with you.  I feel like it’s my duty or something to that effect.

Benefits of accurate muscle testing or muscle monitoring, a true life skill to have in your box of tools.

    1. Food testing – figuring out optimal menu items, this confirmed that the food coloring, sugar, processing preservatives were unleashing inner demons within my children 
    2. Pain relief – we can unveil the source behind the pains, usually emotions stuck within a layer of the person
    3. Postural support – asking the body what’s the missing link in supporting better posture, usually muscles that need strengthening  
    4. Digestion and nutritional support, get behind what’s going inside your body’s processing
    5. Brain fog, helps to reset the brain wiring and firing for clear mind and attitude
    6. Natural immune support – helps to clear out the stresses before they become an illness
    7. It can empower you because you can do it anywhere, anytime & anybody can
    8. Supports vision – find the acupressure points to help strengthen sight
    9. Emotional health – identify the emotion needing to be released
    10. Stress of any kind – it’s called living life, it’s a natural process in growth
    11. Physical body functions – well you know, from #1 ~ #2 and all the goods like hormones, to fluids and all the fun that comes with growing up.
    12. It gives the body a voice to share the inside scope, helping you hear the whispers
    13. You decide from your own experiences with using it… really you are only limited by your imagination on how to benefit from the art of accurate muscle testing.

The simple version of the Science behind why it works
Muscles never age, use it or lose it
Muscles hold information, giving biofeedback mechanism
Muscles never lie, always the truth

How does it work ?
Muscles will indicate a facilitated or under facilitated state upon a small bit of pressure being applied through a light touch.   Meaning the person being tested will have no efforts to maintain required position if there is no stress present, on the other hand if there is stress then the muscle will not be able to hold at all.  We call this an unlocking muscle and indicating that there is stress, the body is asking for some extra support in the triad of health.

Now we search for solutions,. testing the muscle with each idea to support the emotional, nutritional, biological functions and overall basic needs:water, sleep, safety, environment etc until we discover what the muscle needs to achieve a locked muscle state.

Here are a few  quick options for you to play with at home, keep in mind it’s art and takes time to learn all of its own

1. Raise your whole arm to an approximate  45 degrees in front of your body, when you say “yes” have someone apply just a light touch to press your arm back to your side
2. Repeat, this time saying “no”

The “yes” energy will allow the muscle to be in tune and feel locked or facilitated making it very easy to hold, where the “no” energy gives the opposite feeling because it causing stress.

Another option that is about true and false statements

  1. Say your real name or something honest , now test
  2. Say a different name or tell a lie, now test

Again the same will happen, the muscle will change upon the different name of lie compared to the truths.  It’s proof about how muscles can hold information and give deeper insights in various circumstance that life presents.

Have fun with this and leave a kind comment about your experience, let’s connect when you want to learn  more about the benefits of muscle testing, until then enjoy our free self balance videos.


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