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Welcome to the ESP Parent Inc.’s
~Touch For Health (TFH) Mama Showcase Interview Series ~
where we are  sharing  Q&A’s  from mothers around the world in the Touch for Health.

Q1. How did you discover TFH?  Share your story

My grandfather on my dad’s side was a TFH Instructor and when I was a little kid he showed me how to do things with muscle testing.

I remember him making me hold my arm up and saying
“My name is Alexis and seeing that it would hold, then saying
“I am a little green frog”, and seeing that it would fall.

I didn’t really understand all of the applications of this at the time though. Later on, when I was already working in the holistic health field as an herbalist and iridologist, I moved back to Kelowna and found a job at a natural health centre – the same one that my mom had begun working at the year before. The owner of the centre was a TFH instructor and we began taking classes.

Day one of the first level and I was thoroughly hooked. It was immediately clear to me that this would allow me to work more deeply and accurately than I could simply through herbal and nutritional knowledge – the ability to tune into what the body was actually telling me rather than relying on my own head knowledge.

Q2.  How has TFH impacted your life or the life of your family, where has it taken you?

For me, TFH was the gateway drug that brought me into the Specialized Kinesiology world. Once I opened that door, I wanted to keep on exploring.

I have been teaching TFH for nearly 12 years and am now a Trainer, which means I am teaching new instructors.

My twins who were four years old when I began doing this, took the instructors training as 15 year-olds last December (2017) and are now certified instructors themselves.  Watching them talk about TFH with their friends, giving them the tools to manage their own health and emotions, has been a huge joy in my life.

I have written other workshop and I teach other modalities, but TFH is the foundation and always in my heart.

Q3.  Which TFH tools do you use on a daily basis?

Some aspect of TFH touches my life everyday.

Of course, it is there when I am working with clients, but also every time I feel stressed or flustered and I do my switch-ons or hold ESR points.

Even my 5 year-old will stop and do ‘figure 8s’ over an injury if he falls down.

I travel a lot, so I do multiple Time of Day balances; on airplanes and in the mornings as I’m trying to adjust to many hours of time difference.

I also think a lot about the elements, and when I know that I am in a stressed or weakened element state I will use tools to bring that into balance.

For example, as moms it can be easy for our Earth Element as our center of nurturing to go out of alignment, causing us to go into ‘smother mother’ or martyr modes.

Understanding the 5-element relationships helps me to see when this is happening and gives me tools to balance the element so that I can have all the awesome qualities that go along with it, with a little less of the accompanying craziness.

Q4. What is your favourite, most most useful tool for you as a mom from the TFH tool box?

Switch on, zip up, tune in, ESR. I know that’s more than one tool, but this little sequence has saved us all sooo many times.

Q5. What are the top three benefits for other moms to learn more about TFH?
  1.  It takes away some of the feeling of helplessness when your child  isn’t well – knowing that you have tools that can reduce pain and discomfort and help them balance themselves out.
  2.   When you teach these techniques to your family, it empowers your children to do things to help themselves and allows them to trust in their body and their own innate ability to heal. You cannot put a price tag on this.
  3.   It allows you to deal with your own stress so that you can be calmer, more present and more joyful with your family.
Alexis Costello with son Jorah

Alexis Costello with son Jorah


To connect with Alexis further, click the links below.
Twitter: @healthylexi
Instagram: ac_specialized_kinesiology

If you are a mother in the industry and would like to participate please contact us via email,
subject line: interview yes please!

Appreciate your kind comments and know that sharing this could impact the future path of someone dear to you.


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