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This interview was such a blessing and so fun to prepare for you all!
This is the second episode in the series, please stay tuned for more and if you want to participate in this showcase of Mama’s within the Touch for Health global community email subject title
” Yes, please count me in “

Watch for the shock I go into at 3 mins, keep in mind that Coleen and I have never met until this interview which makes it absolutely magical!
Thank you again for being a leader in our industry and sharing your inspiring story.


How did you discover TFH?  Share your story

My daughter has ADD, and she had gotten to the point that she could no longer take medicine because of the side effects.  We had tried changing her diet and using essential oils, but nothing was truly helping her. I was looking for another way to help her, and a friend told me about a lady who might be able to help her. (To meet my sweet girl and hear her full story, visit my Facebook page and look for the video!).   As a Biologist, I could not understand how this lady could help her and so my friend told me that there was a class the following month in a town close to me, so I decided to take the class.  I didn’t know at that time that it was even Touch for Health or even what Touch for Health was.  I had also just had a conversation with my husband about how I didn’t feel I was fulfilling my purpose and Touch for Health was the answer to that as well.


How has TFH impacted your life or the life of your family, where has it taken you?

It has completely changed our lives.  I am currently in California training to be a Touch for Health instructor and love being able to help others toward more balanced lives. It has helped me to be more balanced and I can see my own personal growth as a result of using goal balances. I am a work in progress as I work towards not living in fear and trusting God with all aspects of life!


Which TFH tools do you use on a daily basis?

As a mother, I use figure eights and ESR on a daily basis with my children. I’ve taught them how to use these tools themselves as well to help with physical distress or emotionally difficult times.
As a homeschooling mom, switches are also incredibly helpful.


What is your favourite, most most useful tool for you as a mom from the TFH tool box?

 After going through proficiency, I would definitely say ESR.
It’s such a simple and accessible tool to help with so many different situations.

What are the top three benefits for other moms to learn more about TFH?

 Really and truly, the biggest benefit is empowerment!
With Touch for Health, you have options you can use to help your family toward optimal health:
  you learn how to determine which foods can benefit your family,              how to stabilize emotions and diffuse charged situations, and
          how to bring comfort in times of physical pain.

This is whole body health!

A mother can help to balance the mental and emotional aspect, the biochemical aspect and physical aspect to bring about whole body balance.

What’s not to love about Touch for Health!!!!

To connect and further your conversation with Coleen Huebert
Just click the link below
Facebook: Dogwood Wellness Center

Thank you for checking out this interview series,
may you continue to live with less stress and more Love 

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