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Exciting times are upon us come this last quarter of 2019 !!

A mark the moment event is happening in Peachland BC Canada to increase the energy of love and self responsibility!

Circle your calendar and grab your ticket for
Saturday September 29, 2019 !

ESP Parent Inc has joined forces with an international movement of balancing the energy of the heart, LOVE with other wellness
Touch for Health Instructors & practitioners all around the world and local businesses to offer a special annual global love energy event for families in Peachland, BC Canada

Not familiar with Touch for Health, that’s okay just click here to read more about it

Heart Meridian 11am – 1pm

Here’s a quick guide line to help show where the heart meridian is located, please note it’s on both sides of the body and can be traced within 3 inches of the line.
Repeat the affirmations as you self massage the line on your right and left sides…
enjoy and feel the love grow
Click here more information about these
self care cards

Starting at 11am PST after opening circle participants will be guided through a group Heart meridian balance and muscle dance based on tools from a self care modality developed in the 70s by John Thie, DC.

This will be a light and easy flow to activate 14 muscles related to the main meridian systems from head to toe so the whole body is stimulated.

Since we are electrical beings doing this will allow the physical body to speak up in a gentle way before the self guided meridian massage to release any stresses that may be in the way of experiencing top personal performance.

By 11:45 till 12:30 local practitioners will be offering little one on one balance sessions as apart of this “balancathon” event to help draw in the awareness of what this great modality has to offer families.

12:45 to 1pm is closing circle and draw for prizes !

Please bring a refillable water bottle, yoga mat and a donation for the local food bank. ( if possible )

All over the world between 11am and 1pm for 24 hours events like this will be offered to help this world feel “less stress and more love” energy ! Super excited to have you participate, see you soon <3

Send an email to for more information and to secure your spot in this free family event.

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