Specialized Kinesiology

Specialized Kinesiology is magic in my opinion!

Here’s a quick explanation about what Specialized Kinesiology is from my perspective and also from others in the field, here’s a link to share many modalities and descriptions.


Firstly with my experience, I have had healing miracles with myself and my family members, friends and clients.


Our bodies have an innate power to heal themselves and due to imbalanced energy creating resistance within the electrical flow it results in the body’s natural healing is hindered.

How do we find the resistance?

Through applying two inches of movement with two pounds of pressure for two seconds to activated muscles, this is called muscles testing or muscle monitoring.

What happens next ?

It  all depends on the findings and how the map is laid out from the client’s situation, sometimes there’s acupressure points rubbed, held or massaged, meridians ran, affirmations used and corrections can also be increase of water intake, specific foods, minerals, supplements, vitamins, emotional work just to mention a few types of what we call “corrections” applied.  There have been sessions it seems like everything is done and then there are sessions where just a small about of “correcting” is completed, no matter what happens it’s gentle and complimentary to existing efforts to heal the body.

In time I will add more about the topic of Specialized Kinesiology, in the meantime check out the reviews from others after sessions with me  here, results based on individual experiences and in no way are there are any declared guarantees or claims.

Appreciate you leaving a comment about your experience or questions about Specialized Kinesiology and be sure to check back for more helpful posts like this.



Spanking, Yes or No

This is such a huge topic that parents will come across during their parenting career.

To Spank or not Spank, that is the question… 

The other night I was inspired to make this video, watch below and make your comment here this blog post on your views


I will openly confess that I used to think that spanking was okay and totally justified it as being something that had to be done, that I had to “show” my children that I was the “boss”!  That they had to obey me and listen to me or else for this is what my vision of a successful parent was.  I thought that they were mine to control and they had to respect me or else!

With deep learning and studying from entering into the 9 Ways Program by Maggie Reigh I started to see that maybe I could change my views on the topic of discipline and the whole idea of spanking, as it always felt wrong to me and I would be left feeling guilty and torn apart on the inside… This is such a vulnerable moment putting my self out here in this post…I used to not make posts like this for fear of being judged by others, now I see that it’s time that I share from my own experiences knowing there are other parents that need help and are looking for support in the area of parenting.

Parenting can bring out the best in us and the worst in us, it’s one of the only jobs where you just don’t have the option to punch out and leave the job site.  There’s no pause or rewind, just like time it keeps on ticking.

Since taking the course years ago, I was inspired to take it again for repetition is the mother of skill and now have become a facilitator of the 9 ways program to reach more parents to help the future be the best it can be.  I started to see how using spanking was only creating respectable children that feared the physical discipline and not really respecting me as their mother.  I didn’t like how I felt either nor the look in their eye, the crying and the emotional roller coaster ride during the after effects.9 Ways

I won’t complain about my childhood for it’s created the essence of my being and now I truly understand that we can only do our best with what we know.  Spanking was something that was done to me and so I started to repeat the cycle… I understand now that I am a chain breaker and my parenting is just one area where I can break a cycle…. Spanking is one of those links that I have broken and I am celebrating.  I now feel there’s a deeper connection to my children and that they respect me because it’s their choice.  This empowers me greatly as a human being not just a mother.

I truly believe that when we have the desire to learn more, we can do better and evolve from the past.  Having this shift in my belief system has  gifted me so many opportunities to grow as a human being, a woman, a mother of 4 and a wife.

Competition can inspire us to reach for higher levels and help to create a better version of ourselves, so when it comes to parenting, it’s not about competing with our parents but to be in a position to learn from our childhood experiences and see where we can influence changes to improve the future.

I love my parents deeply and understand that they did their best from what they learned and understood what it was to be a parent from the generations before them.

After making the video for Facebook the other night, I spent some time looking for other articles to back up my thoughts about what spanking does… here are a few links that I wanted to share with you that I found interesting.  I am sure there are more articles for me to add as time goes, check them out and feel free to add in the comments below items you have on this topic.

  • https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/moral-landscapes/201309/research-spanking-it-s-bad-all-kids
  • https://quinmendoker.wordpress.com/2014/09/26/the-pros-and-cons-of-parents-spanking-their-children/
  • http://parentadvice.net/the-pros-and-cons-of-spanking-your-child/

Thank you for taking the time to consider this topic, to share with other parents that are on the fence on how to discipline their children.  We get this opportunity to impact the future by doing our best as parents, remember we are in this together



Facing Fear

No what?

Facing Fear…

Wow, what a great topic for parenting.

There is so many things as a parent that we face daily when it comes to fear.

These are some of the questions and thoughts that come to my mind immediately, I am sure that I am not alone it in.

  • Am I doing this right?
  • Will they turn out to be stable adults?
  • Can I provide for all their needs?  This is more than the financial, it’s like mental support and emotional support & beyond
  • I am fit to be a parent, do I have what it takes to be responsible for another life?
  • Can handle myself in all the situations that will arise as their life unfolds?
  • Where’s the instruction manual for this job of being a parent?
  • Will it hurt to nurse my baby?
  • What if they get sick?
  • Will my baby like me and love me?
  • Can I really trust another person to love my child the way I do?
  • What will the world be like for them later in life?

As I am learning along my way I am seeing my way through these thoughts and questions, facing them with confidence and understanding that children choose their parents to help them with their path of learning in this life time they are in.  My children chose me cause I can figure this out and be what they need in life to grow into their full potential.

Though…At times…

I don’t know about you, I can say for me fear is something that can stop me in my tracks causing me to freeze into place and become stationary even stagnant.  This can happen when a trigger is activated and can be a sign of an imbalance from within the spirit, body or mind.  Figuring out which one is a mystery within itself yet completely accessible!  I have found that muscle testing has created a solution depending on the circumstances and given me great insights to what’s happening with me especially when using the information acquired on a five element chart.

Using this technique can be very useful when letting go of triggers and being able to move forward with new associations, even to the point of creating new ones and gaining closure of past experiences.

Fear can be used a motivator and catalyst to one’s personal growth, even a guide line and way to measure growth.

I once hear that FEAR is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real which gives validation to fear just being something that our subconscious creates for us and does an auto-fill in the blanks of the unknowns especially when doing something new, like parenting.  There are so many variables that we don’t have previous answers to reference in this new realm of life.

I have found in my experience that when fear does arise it can be a good thing and a way to guide me to best case scenarios as long as my subconscious doesn’t ask for assistance from my imagination faculty ~ there’s a time and a place when this is very serving.  That can be entertaining to a degree but that give my adrenals false alarms, creating that freezing response I mentioned earlier.

With using fear as a guideline and not an inhibitor to taking action in life, it can now be something useful for personal growth and very helpful.

Something that I have learned to do over the years now by facing my fears head on when they arise is to stop and breathe, create a wave of relaxation and identify with what’s going on with myself so I can move forward with positive results.

Here’s a recent situation that I “grew” through… see if this is something you can relate to and may you find it useful in your personal experience.

This is relates greatly to my parenting experience just as much to my work facet of my life…. I love to share what works for me and also learn from others, with what works for them.  The one thing about this, use what works for you and forget about what doesn’t work for you!  Just really that simple when it comes to living with fears and facing them so they dissolve like sand castles in the ocean waves.

Sharing my breakthrough as it happened, as I talked myself through it, thought by thought, question and answers…

  • I hear a voice in my head say what’s the point ?
  • Who are you to give advice ?
  • Who would listen to you ?

And yet I study and read about this mind chatter and how it’s important to get a hold, a solid grip of what streams through your mind and the words one chooses to speak…..
Here I am acting like a victim of my own success !

The time hasn’t halted for no one to my knowledge ….

The time has come to claim your power and gifts to use them for the goodness of others.  I can read and listen to what I’ve created, and man oh man it’s inspiring and motivating !

I can see Why my husband told me I good at talking & that I should go get paid for it !
My voice carries a soothing tone and calmness to it, something I’ve never picked up on till recently.

Comes back the question of what am I afraid of ?

Surpassing and growing out of my comfort zones, being teased or torn apart …. Not making a difference in the lives of others, having no impact for the change, staying in a state of fear
Gosh, now I see that no one matters until you give them permission and now have taken time to reflect on all the lives that I have impacted already!  With these moments I can see where my fears have served me and held me back… now I tell myself that my time has come, now just I am here to write freely and let my gift do the heavy lifting!

This is brilliant and complete …

Procrastination is a death sentence for all your dreams.  You have the power within to take action and make them come true.  Shut off the negative self talk and move into the life of your desires, be the parent that you know you can be !  It’s possible to live with amazing results by taking little steps of daily action for the results accumulate and create compound efforts daily.

I take advantage of every moment of every day, making each moment count.
I just stay in task and live with joy.
I see my accomplishments and celebrate my efforts, no matter how big or small they are!

Growing baby in a loving environment matters!

In conclusion facing fear in my parenting experience has grown me greatly and much learning has happened, still more to take place.  I feel and see the love that my children have for me, for themselves and each other.  For now that what’s most important to me and that’s all that matters.  For love can conquer any fear and get me through any challenge.   May my words bring you peace of mind and encouragement that you can do this and face your fears too!  ~ Much Love & Light Rochelle