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Wiggle Wednesdays

ESP Parent/ April 2, 2017/ Emotional, Physical, Social/ 0 comments

Here’s a quick post about what Wiggle Wednesday will offer you and your family. I figured it was necessary to give some back ground & insight so you could make an educated decision and register for our program! What you will gain bonding time in a playful environment with your children a safe place to workout and push yourself with

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The Body Electric ~ 5 Element Parenting Style

ESP Parent/ March 26, 2017/ Physical/ 0 comments

Over the past few years my ideas & beliefs about energy have been further supported and confirmed due to science proving how amazing our bodies really are.  My thinking and understanding have deepen and raised into higher realms of consciousness.  This has granted me the learning space for me to become more reflective, self observational which has resulted me being

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Why Play So Is Important?

ESP Parent/ December 17, 2016/ Physical/ 0 comments

When thinking about why play is so important, Maggie Reigh says it best with the following article below or read on her site here Most of us parents have been conditioned to focus on correcting our child’s behavior… which damages our relationship and simply frustrates both of us. Now I’m not saying that you don’t need to set guidelines, parameters and teach

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