Specialized Kinesiology

Specialized Kinesiology is magic in my opinion!

Here’s a quick explanation about what Specialized Kinesiology is from my perspective and also from others in the field, here’s a link to share many modalities and descriptions.


Firstly with my experience, I have had healing miracles with myself and my family members, friends and clients.


Our bodies have an innate power to heal themselves and due to imbalanced energy creating resistance within the electrical flow it results in the body’s natural healing is hindered.

How do we find the resistance?

Through applying two inches of movement with two pounds of pressure for two seconds to activated muscles, this is called muscles testing or muscle monitoring.

What happens next ?

It  all depends on the findings and how the map is laid out from the client’s situation, sometimes there’s acupressure points rubbed, held or massaged, meridians ran, affirmations used and corrections can also be increase of water intake, specific foods, minerals, supplements, vitamins, emotional work just to mention a few types of what we call “corrections” applied.  There have been sessions it seems like everything is done and then there are sessions where just a small about of “correcting” is completed, no matter what happens it’s gentle and complimentary to existing efforts to heal the body.

In time I will add more about the topic of Specialized Kinesiology, in the meantime check out the reviews from others after sessions with me  here, results based on individual experiences and in no way are there are any declared guarantees or claims.

Appreciate you leaving a comment about your experience or questions about Specialized Kinesiology and be sure to check back for more helpful posts like this.



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