Greetings and welcome to your new fun life tool for deeper learning about our amazing electrical self and how it activates the innate healing powers we are born with.

This learning resource was designed for parents and children to have fun while expanding their knowledge to anchor into their emotional, spiritual and physical bodies giving them an empowered feeling ! 

The tools you find within this card set is just scratching the surface of what the world Touch for Health can do.

It was inspired by the work of Touch for Health by John Thie, his goal was to offer tools for health based on the philosophy of true deep self responsibility.  

Use the cards to trace the electrical highways within your body while using the questions for self reflection.  They are all metaphorical questions designed for deeper thinking, be guided by whatever comes up first. Breathing and tracing a line slowly on the body bringing the mind to being present, positive, personal and what’s possible.

Tracing  and drawing the meridians on the body are meant be be fun and a tool to “play attention” to the currents that run in your body.


Note each meridian has a different starting position on the body, trace by touching the body or hovering within 3 away from the body.


You can also trace the meridian on the card with your eyes and feel it on your own body, always visualization good energy flowing.

Use the chart below as a tool to guide through the peak times of each meridian and use your cards to know the direction that they flow in. 

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