Spanking, Yes or No

This is such a huge topic that parents will come across during their parenting career.

To Spank or not Spank, that is the question… 

The other night I was inspired to make this video, watch below and make your comment here this blog post on your views


I will openly confess that I used to think that spanking was okay and totally justified it as being something that had to be done, that I had to “show” my children that I was the “boss”!  That they had to obey me and listen to me or else for this is what my vision of a successful parent was.  I thought that they were mine to control and they had to respect me or else!

With deep learning and studying from entering into the 9 Ways Program by Maggie Reigh I started to see that maybe I could change my views on the topic of discipline and the whole idea of spanking, as it always felt wrong to me and I would be left feeling guilty and torn apart on the inside… This is such a vulnerable moment putting my self out here in this post…I used to not make posts like this for fear of being judged by others, now I see that it’s time that I share from my own experiences knowing there are other parents that need help and are looking for support in the area of parenting.

Parenting can bring out the best in us and the worst in us, it’s one of the only jobs where you just don’t have the option to punch out and leave the job site.  There’s no pause or rewind, just like time it keeps on ticking.

Since taking the course years ago, I was inspired to take it again for repetition is the mother of skill and now have become a facilitator of the 9 ways program to reach more parents to help the future be the best it can be.  I started to see how using spanking was only creating respectable children that feared the physical discipline and not really respecting me as their mother.  I didn’t like how I felt either nor the look in their eye, the crying and the emotional roller coaster ride during the after effects.9 Ways

I won’t complain about my childhood for it’s created the essence of my being and now I truly understand that we can only do our best with what we know.  Spanking was something that was done to me and so I started to repeat the cycle… I understand now that I am a chain breaker and my parenting is just one area where I can break a cycle…. Spanking is one of those links that I have broken and I am celebrating.  I now feel there’s a deeper connection to my children and that they respect me because it’s their choice.  This empowers me greatly as a human being not just a mother.

I truly believe that when we have the desire to learn more, we can do better and evolve from the past.  Having this shift in my belief system has  gifted me so many opportunities to grow as a human being, a woman, a mother of 4 and a wife.

Competition can inspire us to reach for higher levels and help to create a better version of ourselves, so when it comes to parenting, it’s not about competing with our parents but to be in a position to learn from our childhood experiences and see where we can influence changes to improve the future.

I love my parents deeply and understand that they did their best from what they learned and understood what it was to be a parent from the generations before them.

After making the video for Facebook the other night, I spent some time looking for other articles to back up my thoughts about what spanking does… here are a few links that I wanted to share with you that I found interesting.  I am sure there are more articles for me to add as time goes, check them out and feel free to add in the comments below items you have on this topic.


Thank you for taking the time to consider this topic, to share with other parents that are on the fence on how to discipline their children.  We get this opportunity to impact the future by doing our best as parents, remember we are in this together



First Post

Excited to be here in the moment creating this first post

It’s something that has been put off for way too long, probably something to do with LIFE!

Yet, that could be just an excuse because I have really been hiding behind my fears of success and criticism

Today I invested in myself and figured out that this was my next step, the right step for me to take.

Drum Roll…here it goes.

First I want to get this off my chest

Let’s just be real, no matter where you go for support in your parenting experience, you have to find what works for you and your children, learn the techniques and apply them into your life to live the best results.  Doing this all while cooking, cleaning, transporting to appointments, school, work, sports, domesticated diva duties, activities and the list goes on as per your individual life style.

Who has time for all of this and still feel relaxed about it all, I mean we have one chance to get this “right” raising the future!

Well relax, this is what we are all about, offering solutions in the different facets of life and supporting the transformations of the plenty.


By connecting here with resources, videos, articles and online courses where you can work at your own pace.  As they say Rome wasn’t built  in a day.  Together we can make small attainable reachable goals where we grow at a pace that you can handle creating the best healthy version of you and each member of your family.

Now more than ever we are seeing how we can be of service in emotional/electrical, social/spiritual and physical/play. 

Our mission is to awaken the innate healing abilities within all ages by supporting the belief of self responsibility and self awareness by sharing loving support that nurtures the understanding that our thoughts are powerful things.

What does this all mean ?

Well it’s our first post so one step at a time…

Allow this post to bring to your attention, that your thoughts are powerful and hold great power, with great power comes great responsibility!

If your spidey senses were tingling, it’s just the beginning

For starters we as these human beings are amazing creatures, ESP Parent is here to share great insights when it comes to beliefs and seeing how our experiences can have more joy, love, health and happiness starting off with our thoughts.

When we can control our thoughts, we can control our emotions which drive our actions…Our actions create our habits, our habits building the fiber of our character and our character is who we become.

Forget trying to control children and why even try to control something that doesn’t come with a remote…Beside if children were meant to be controlled they’d come with a remote, wouldn’t they?   This is something that I have struggled with my whole parenting experience and even in childhood… really who wants to be controlled anyways?

So, now that I have applied self control my parenting role in life has become more enjoyable and less stressful.  Keeping myself in check has created the example for my children and given them tools to utilize in their life.  This is a huge mindset shift and maybe even a little bit crazy for some that read this…but I am telling you my level of health has improved and self awareness has increased.  For me that’s important cause we can only change what we are aware of.

As more posts are published more of this will be explained in greater detail for now, let’s agree that families are needing to fulfill needs to build a stronger future.


It’s just a great relief to have taken the steps and walking through my fear to complete this first post!

Looking forward to sharing more to support your parenting journey cause the struggle is real and we are in this together