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Heart to Heart

ESPParent/ July 22, 2019/ Parenting, Touch for Health/ 0 comments

Exciting times are upon us come this last quarter of 2019 !! A mark the moment event is happening in Peachland BC Canada to increase the energy of love and self responsibility! Circle your calendar and grab your ticket for Saturday September 29, 2019 ! ESP Parent Inc has joined forces with an international movement of balancing the energy of

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My Best Parenting Choice

ESP Parent/ October 17, 2018/ Touch for Health/ 0 comments

After a morning of teaching, I was inspired to share with you my best parenting choice. In a world that’s loud and over stuffed with information, I’ve lost myself so many times in a state of confusion, frustration and self doubt when it comes to personal and parenting choices.  So many times I’ve hit my own nerves, firing and wiring

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Touch for Health Level One

ESP Parent/ March 17, 2018/ Touch for Health/ 0 comments

Touch for Health Level One offers students amazing insights and adds everyday tools & tips to their parenting wellness tool box. Touch for Health™ Course Syllabus as approved by the International Kinesiology College <IKC>, depending on your level of education or current career this IKC certificate program may cover your continuing education requirements with a fun and useful addition to

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Touch for Health, What is it ?

ESP Parent/ February 22, 2018/ Touch for Health/ 1 comments

With all the questions about what I do and what I offer in the Touch for Health realm of my practice, I figured I would share more details.  ” Touch for Health™” Touch for Health™ is a system of balancing posture, attitude, and life energy to relieve stress, aches and pains, feel and function better, be more effective, clarify and

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