From a very young age I could feel the energy that others exude and it heighten upon touching them, it used to freak me out and I would never tell anyone cause not very many people understand it so they fear what can’t be explained.  I discovered this very early on but after gaining more life experience, I will let my weird hang out and feel proud of it.

Being a practitioner really fills up my “cup”  I love working with people and this is one way that I can really serve others on a deeper level, results vary from person to person and session to session.

I started my journey by first seeing a practitioner myself, which opened my eyes to a whole new world of  how specialized kinesiology increases my understanding the body and I started to make sense of the energy I had felt my whole life.

After about three years of classes not matching up with my life, everything fell into place magically!  I was ready to commit to learning more and created the space with ease to be in class to expand my knowledge.

I have taken all four levels of Touch for Health<TFH> plus my proficiency, the first 2 levels of SIPS with levels 3&4 scheduled for the spring.  I am all in with learning more about Specialized Kinesiology seeing how the body works and how it’s designed to naturally heal itself with a little help and transulating.  My lovely instructor Alexis Costello explains both modalities very clearly, check out here for links for TFH and SIPS

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Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Self Mastery