Self Care Cards for Parents

Greetings and Welcome
to your new fun life tool
for deeper learning about
our amazing electrical self and
how to activate the innate healing powers we are born with.

This tool is just scratching the surface of what the world Touch for Health has to offer.

It was inspired by the work of Touch for Health by John Thie, his goal was to offer tools for health based on the philosophy of self responsibility.
Use these self care cards as little maps so you can trace the electrical highways on your body while using the questions for self reflection or repeating the affirmations.  
All metaphorical questions are designed tp guide you into deeper thinking, to hold space for yourself and allow whatever comes up first.
Breathing and tracing a line slowly on the body bringing the mind to being present, positive, personal and what’s possible.

Be sure to use the complimentary 4 min Whole Being Resest Videos as apart of the self care card system for best results.

Use this a quick reference guide and short cut to reset yourself or your child. Sort out your cards into meridians and then self test which of the 5 cards is best suited at that moment. Trace the meridian as shown at least 10 times or until a shift has occured.

Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Self Mastery