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My Best Parenting Choice

ESP Parent/ October 17, 2018/ Touch for Health/ 0 comments

After a morning of teaching, I was inspired to share with you my best parenting choice. In a world that’s loud and over stuffed with information, I’ve lost myself so many times in a state of confusion, frustration and self doubt when it comes to personal and parenting choices.  So many times I’ve hit my own nerves, firing and wiring

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Spanking, Yes or No

ESP Parent/ March 8, 2017/ Featured/ 0 comments

This is such a huge topic that parents will come across during their parenting career. To Spank or not Spank, that is the question…  The other night I was inspired to make this video, watch below and make your comment here this blog post on your views   I will openly confess that I used to think that spanking was

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First Post

ESP Parent/ November 4, 2016/ Parenting/ 0 comments

Excited to be here in the moment creating this first post… It’s something that has been put off for way too long, probably something to do with LIFE! Yet, that could be just an excuse because I have really been hiding behind my fears of success and criticism Today I invested in myself and figured out that this was my

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